Just Keep Living…

One of the sayings I’ve grown up hearing from my mother is: “keep living.” No matter what it is we happen to be in disagreement about, especially if it is her wisdom against that of her children, “keep living” is her response. We have come to know that “keep living” is our cue that the end of the conversation has come. Through her saying, she has given us and our ideas over to experience which will come to tell the tale. It’s probably the one saying that of my own experience, I will adopt to pass along to someone else one day. As a matter of fact, I think I’ve already used it with my own children!

As a child, I used to listen to my great-grandmother speaking to God. She talked to him like he was physically in the room. I often thought to myself that her conversations with the invisible must be something old folks do. Now that I’m (much) older, I have come to understand what she was doing, to whom she was talking and why. I know now that her relationship with God was real. He was real then. He is real now.

Sometimes I hear myself speaking out loud, “Thank you, God!” or “Praise you God!”. Just thinking about my life and his touch upon it, his guidance and grace force a praise from my mouth. Out loud I confess his promises to build myself up after the activities of the day have tried to tear me down. I’ve learned that acknowledging God with an open mouth is not what old folks do. It’s what believers do.

I’ve come to know that the one constant is God. When truly there is no one else, he is present; when there is nothing, he provides something.

These have been reflective times for me. Life will show you some things. As I continue to walk my path, I know as long as life is given to me, not only will the path’s purposes be revealed to me, a light will shine on them that I might recognize and learn the lessons of the season.


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