The Simple Things

Everyone who knows me knows I am a huge Denzel Washington fan. I’m excited to hear of his new releases. There should never be any doubt that I fully intend to support his work (although, in truth, he had a couple of flicks I just did not like…).

His most recent movie, Safe House, was awesome! On the weekends when I’m enjoying watching movies, I sometimes text my sister the lines I find funny or thoughtful. She laughs at how much attention I pay to such things.

There was an exchange between Denzel’s character and another that went like this (pulled from

Carlos Villar: “In the old days, a cheap bottle of Flor de Cana kept us happy all night.”

Tobin Frost (Denzel’s character): “Mmm. Tastes change. People change.”

Carlos Villar: “People don’t change. We grow old. And some of us adapt. And learn how to enjoy simple pleasures of life, like a family, a home. And for you… What’s in that glass right now, for you, is as good as it’s ever going to be. One day you’ll understand. You got more past than future, you learn.”

“One day you understand. You got more past than future, you learn.”

How powerful! We’ve often heard people talk of the span between when we are born and when we die being the most important period of our lives.  Well I guess so! That dash on our tombstones between those two points represents all the time we’re given. It is unfortunate that for some, this short span of time is wasted on bad choices, regret, and overall dissatisfaction with the time they’ve spent on this earth. So much time is spent looking back than ahead.

When we realize that we have more life behind us than ahead is the moment we really get it. The life we live is short. With that realization, we start to understand that this life was meant to be lived simply and reflectively for purposes of remembering really good times over bad ones; the things we got right over those times we missed the mark.

I believe that we do change through our responses to the things of our life. We do get older. We do get wiser. And, yes, we do adapt. Ultimately, we learn simplicity which becomes our greatest gift for the span of time we have been given.

Thank God for the time he gives us to get it right.


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