In The Image of Me

I will leave behind great children and blessed grandchildren through whom pieces of me will live.

My grandchildren recently came for a visit. They’re still very young and very much a mystery to me. I say that because I have spent my adult life parenting and working trying to build a good life for my kids. I managed to stay very “busy” and can honestly say I missed very important moments throughout their lives.

It seems I notice more these days especially in the little ones. I see myself in them. Little mannerisms, their smiles, behaviors. I see me. God, I’m so excited about those babies! Every time they visit I see something new developing in them. Their personalities are taking shape right before my eyes.

Thinking of them and putting things into another perspective, I wondered as children of God, how often are we taking the time to ensure God sees himself in us? Can he say with a proud smile: I see me!

I encourage you to strive today to exhibit the image of God through the life you live.


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