That place…

You imagine personal blogs to be these really upbeat and motivational spaces. Mine, however, may be a little too therapeutic for me and too much information for some readers.

My thoughts today reflect conversations I had this week, at separate times, with some of my girlfriends. It was the usual start. We rehashed our days and caught up on what’s going on with our children. Quickly, the conversation turned to our  “situations”. We were all, in a sense, talking about a specific need or so that is what I took terms like: “lack of motivation” and “I just don’t know…” to mean.

Ruling out fatigue and burnout, I think when we get to a place of chronic lack of motivation in how we feel about our life, we are really beginning to accept the inevitable with one last whimper.  We can’t see or find that thing we need to see or find in order to turn the tide. It’s time. Call it what you will but I call it an alarm that our spiritual balance is in need of attention.  We’re deficient and in need of Vitamin G! Yep, the time has come to ready ourselves for deep conditioning prayer. We’re in need of one on one time with God, the Father and in our spirit we know that what we experience in revelation may not be pleasant to our flesh!

While this spiritual thing is happening, I’ve often thought I wouldn’t make it. I had only been able to discern my ups and downs in a human (not spiritual)  way. I was forced to be still and in my quiet, hear the still small voice of God encourage me, direct me and renew me in ways only he can.

When we allow ourselves to meet the spiritual demands of our lives, we find ourselves in a  new place in our lives and in our thinking. Our balance is restored.

Thankfully, we have a God who does and has prepared a way and time through grace for us to renew.

I Understand


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